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Following stuff is contained in this package:
1. epic.sty	documentstyle option for "Enhancements to Picture
		Environment". In its present form, will only work
		with LaTeX.
2. misc.sty 	documentstyle option containing miscalleneous macros.
		In particular, one for printing files verbatim.
		used by picman.tex; quite useful otherwise.
3. picman.tex	manual for epic.
4. picman-fig*.tex manual related files.
5. sqrt.tex	appendix to manual.

Run the manual in the directory as the one where all the files are. To run
it, say "latex picman.tex".

As is discussed on the first page of the manual, there are two ways
of going about making the macro files acessible to users via the option
mechanism of \documentstyle command:

1. simplest is to put a copy in the directory where all such things
reside (typically /usr/lib/tex/macros).

2. keep the files somewhere in your area, and have all the users
declare a shell environment variable TEXINPUTS (typically done in
the ~/.cshrc file); something like:

setenv TEXINPUTS .:/usr/lilb/tex/macros:/users/yourself/texlib

Otherwise the files can be explicitly \input with full path name
and the .sty extension:

You might wish to move the manual files to a subdirectory "man";
mkdir man
mv picman* man

Have fun.
sunil podar