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% Package: etoc
% Version: 1.07l (2014/04/22; doc of 2014/04/29)
% Description: Completely customisable TOCs (jfB)
% Copyright (C) 2012-2013-2014 Jean-Francois Burnol <jfbu at free dot fr>
% Copyright (C) 2014 Christine Roemer <Christine_Roemer at t-online dot de>
%    and collaborators for the translation into German of the documentation

% License: LPPL 1.3c or later

% this README: *Abstract*, *Installation*, *License*.


  The etoc package gives to the user complete control on how
  the entries of the table of contents should be constituted
  from the {name}, {number}, and {page number} of each
  sectioning unit. This goes via the definition of {line
  styles} for each sectioning level used in the document. The
  package provides its own custom line styles. Simpler ones
  are given as examples in the documentation. The simplest
  usage will be to take advantage of the layout facilities of
  packages dealing with list environments.

  Regarding the {global toc display}, etoc provides
  pre-defined styles based on a multi-column format, with,
  optionally, a ruled title or framed contents.

  The \tableofcontents command may be used arbitrarily many
  times and it has a variant \localtableofcontents which
  prints tables of contents `local' to the current surrounding
  document unit. An extension of the \label/\ref syntax allows
  to reproduce (with another layout) a local table of contents
  defined somewhere else in the document.

  Via ``depth tags'', one gets an even finer control for each
  table of contents of which sectioning units it should, or
  not, display.

  The formatting inherited (and possibly customized by other
  packages) from the document class will be used when in
  compatibility mode.

  The assignment of levels to the sectioning units can be
  changed at any time, and etoc can thus be used in a quite
  general manner to create custom ``lists of'', additionally
  to the tables of contents related to the document sectioning
  units. No auxiliary file is used additionally to the
  standard .toc file.


 Extraction of the package (.sty) and driver (.tex) files:
  - if etoc.ins is present:   tex etoc.ins
  - without etoc.ins:         tex etoc.dtx 

 It is also possible to run latex/pdflatex directly on etoc.dtx

 At least three ways to produce etoc.pdf (method (3) is preferred):

  (1) latex etoc.dtx (three times), then dvips, then ps2pdf
  (2) pdflatex etoc.dtx (three times)
  (3) latex etoc.tex (three times), then dvipdfmx

 Method (3) produces the smallest pdf files.
 Options can be set in etoc.tex:
  - scrdoc class options (paper size, font size, ...) 
  - with or without source code, 
  - with dvipdfmx or with latex+dvips or pdflatex. 

 To produce etoc-DE.pdf (German documentation) run tex on etoc.ins
 or etoc.dtx to produce etoc-DE.tex, then compile etoc-DE.tex with
 latex (thrice) then dvipdmx, or set first to 0 \Withdvipdfmx in
 etoc-DE.tex to allow compilation with pdflatex.

 Um etoc-DE.pdf zu erzeugen ist latex dreimal mit etoc-DE.tex laufen
 zu lassen, dann dvipdfmx mit etoc-DE.dvi. Im Falle von Problemen
 mit dvipdfmx ist \Withdvidpdfmx auf 0 in etoc-DE.tex zu setzen,
 dann ist pdflatex dreimal mit etoc-DE.tex laufen zu lassen.


   etoc.sty    -> TDS:tex/latex/etoc/etoc.sty
   etoc.dtx    -> TDS:source/latex/etoc/etoc.dtx
   etoc.pdf    -> TDS:doc/latex/etoc/etoc.pdf
   etoc-DE.pdf -> TDS:doc/latex/etoc/etoc-DE.pdf

 The other files may be discarded.


     This Work may be distributed and/or modified under the
     conditions of the LaTeX Project Public License, either
     version 1.3c of this license or (at your option) any later
     version. This version of this license is in 

     and the latest version of this license is in

     and version 1.3 or later is part of all distributions of
     LaTeX version 2005/12/01 or later. 

 The Authors of this Work are:
 Jean-Francois Burnol <jfbu at free dot fr> for the source code and
     English documentation, and
 Christine Roemer <Christine_Roemer at t-online dot de> and collaborators
     for the translation into German of the documentation.

 This Work consists of the main source file etoc.dtx and the derived
 files etoc.sty, etoc.ins, etoc.tex, etoc-DE.tex, etoc.pdf, etoc-DE.pdf, 
 etoc.dvi, etoc-DE.dvi.