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This is the file `README', which accompanies the `floatflt'
package distribution.  The package defines environments for figures 
and tables which do not span the full width of a page.  The 'floatflt'
package is is an extension of Thomas Kneser's style option 'floatfig.sty'
for LaTeX 2.09, on which it is based.  To use the package, run LaTeX on 
`floatflt.ins', this produces the files `floatflt.sty', which contains 
the macro definitions, and the file `floatexm.tex', which is an example 
of the use of the package.  To obtain the userguide and documentation, 
run LaTeX on `floatflt.dtx' twice.  To obtain the example, run LaTeX 
on `floatexm.tex' twice.  

The 'floatflt' package distribution consists of three files:
     floatflt.ins   -  the installation driver
     floatflt.dtx   -  the macro code, instructions on how to use 
                       the package, an example, and the original
                       documentation by Thomas Kneser, all in 
                       `docstrip'-able format.
     floatflt.pdf   -  the user guide and documentation, for reading
Anyone is free to re-distribute these files subject to the LaTeX
Project Public Licence (
mentioned in 'floatflt.ins' are obeyed. These are mainly that the 
two files always must be distributed together.  

Inquiries may be sent to: mats.dahlgren <at>
This file was last modified on 2011/12/20.

Copyright (c) 1998 by Mats Dahlgren.
Modified, with Mats' permission, by Robin Fairbairns