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                            Lettrine bundle

This bundle contains a package that I maintain to typeset dropped
capitals in a LaTeXe document.

It is subject to the LaTeX Project Public License.
for the details of that license.

Run (pdf)latex on lettrine.dtx to get the documentation (lettrine.dvi
or lettrine.pdf), then on lettrine.ins to strip the comments and create

If you wish, you can customize lettrine.cfg according to your needs.

Have a look at one of the PDF files, demo.pdf (in French), or
demo-de.pdf (in German) in the doc directory, to see how
different layouts for dropped capitals can be achieved.
You can also play with the source files demo.tex or demo-de.tex.
Have a look at lettrine.pdf in the doc directory, if you are interested
in the complete documentation and code.

Installation: this bundle is included in most TeX distributions, but
if you need to install it by yourself, a TDS compliant zip archive is
provided (  Just download that file, and unpack it
in your TDS directory (~/texmf for Unix-like systems).  That's all!
you have got everything in place including documentation and sources.
On MikTeX/Windows, please use the very efficient management of updates
provided by MIkTeX.

Daniel Flipo, <>
September, 16th, 2014.