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For a long time pdflatex has offered the command \pdfannot for inserting
arbitrary PDF annotations. However, the command is presented in
a form where additional knowledge of the definition of the PDF format is
indispensable. This package is an answer to the  occasional  questions
in newsgroups, about how one could use the comment function of Adobe
Reader. At least for the writer of LaTeX code, the package offers a
convenient and user-friendly means of using \pdfannot to provide comments
in PDF files. Since version v1.1, pdfcomment.sty also supports:

       LaTeX -> dvips -> ps2pdf, LaTeX -> dvipdfmx and XeLaTeX.

Unfortunately, support of PDF annotations by PDF viewers is sparse to
nonexistent. The reference viewer for the development of this package is
Adobe Reader.

License: LPPL

Changes in v2.3a:

- Bugfix: problem with boxes around tooltips [jk]
          spurious backslash in "/Ff/65536\space%" in line 2967, see:

          reported by: diabonas