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The file "recipe.cls" is a LaTeX-2e class file to typeset recipes;
an example is included, in form of an input file "sample.tex" and
of the final PostScript file "".  I am sorry, but the
example is in Italian; but, what the general user may be interested
in, is the page layout and not real recipes :-)   .

The PostScript file requires Bookman (in the printer, or in
GhostScript) and BrushScript-Italic (included as a .pfa font in; this last font, that I have contributed a few years
ago, is available on CTANs in /tex-archive/fonts/brushscr with
all its .tfm, .fd and .vf files.

All of these files are public domain; but the author will gladly
receive comments and all your modifications.

Maurizio Loreti
Department of Physics, University of Padova
Via F. Marzolo 8 - 35131 PADOVA - Italy
FAX ++39 (49) 827-7102