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Copyright 2001  Harald Harders (
License is LPPL.

This Package repeats item of an index if a page or column
break occurs within a list of subitems.
This helps to find out to which main item a subitem belongs.


   Main Item A, 1, 3, 6             Main Item A...
      Subitem a, 1                      Subitem g, 1
      Subitem b, 1                      Subitem h, 1
      Subitem c, 2                      Subitem i, 1
      Subitem d, 3                      Subitem j, 1
      Subitem d, 1                  Main Item B, 3, 6
      Subitem e, 4                      Subitem a, 3
      Subitem f, 2                      Subitem b, 4

To get that behaviour you have to include the package into your
document using  \usepackage{repeatindex}, and you have to produce
the .ind file in a special format in which the entries of the \item
are enclosed in [...] (example:   \item [Main Item A], 1, 3, 6  ).
This can be achieved using
    makeindex -s repeatindex  file

- When an item is repeated a small vertical space is included two
  items later
- If the last item is a subitem and the only entry on the last page
  of the index the repeation is omitted

This package has not been tested much, yet. Please help me to find
more problems and if possible solutions to my problems.
I have had much trouble in solving the problem that the code
defined in afterpage is executed with a delay.

Harald Harders, 2001/10/13