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LaTeX class and package 'standalone'
Copyright (c) 2010-2012 by Martin Scharrer <>

Allows TeX pictures or other TeX code in sub-files to be compiled standalone
or as part of a main document.
Provides support for pictures with beamer overlays.

Since v0.3 the package provides options to automatically or manually include
all sub-files preambles in the main document preamble.

Since v1.0 the package provides the possibility to compile subfiles automatically
to images from and include them into the main document as well as switch 
easily between source code and image mode. This is done using the \includestandalone
macro which is designed after the common \includegraphics macro.
The standalone class now supports cropping without the 'preview' package
(which causes issues in some causes under XeLaTeX) and the conversion to 
raster images using external tools.