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Textpos: absolute positioning of text on the LaTeX page

Version 1.8, 2016 June 7

This package facilitates placing boxes at absolute positions on the
LaTeX page.  There are several reasons why this might be useful, but
the main one (or at least my motivating one) is to help produce a
large-format conference poster.

This package provides a single environment, plus a starred variant,
which contains the text (or graphics, or table, or whatever) which is
to be placed on the page, and which specifies where it is to be
placed.  The environment is accompanied by various configuration

For the change history, see textpos.html.

Textpos has a home page at <>.
The source is hosted at bitbucket: <>,
and there is an issues list there, for bug reports.


Download or find the file textpos.sty.  Install textpos.sty somewhere
LaTeX will find it (see <>).

This package requires the services of Martin Schroeder's package
everyshi.  You will need to download this package from CTAN first.  See
or one of the other CTAN hosts.


This software is copyright, 1999, 2001-03, 2005-7, 2009-12, 2014-16., Norman Gray.
It is released under the terms of the [LaTeX Project Public License][lppl],
which is included in the file LICENCE.

Norman Gray