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Except where otherwise indicated this code was originally written
by, and continues to be maintained by, Marcel Oliver. It is released
into the public domain. 
Where otherwise indicated, code is covered by the licensing terms of
the original packages.
The above statement was added 2009/01/05 by Clea F. Rees on behalf 
of the author.

Readme file for the package "ua-classes".  Date: 1997/03/08

This package provides a LaTeX2e document class named 'ua-thesis' for
typesetting theses and dissertations in the official format required by the
University of Arizona.  Moreover, there is a fully compatible alternative
document class 'my-thesis' for private "nice" copies of the dissertation,
and the respective title pages are available as separate packages to work
with "any" document class.

The distribution contains the following files:

README          This file.

ua-classes.dtx  User guide and documented source code.
                Run 'latex ua-classes.dtx' to obtain user documentation.

ua-classes.ins  Installation file.
                Run 'latex ua-classes.ins' to install the package.
                Generates the following files:
                ua-thesis.cls, my-thesis.cls, ua-title.sty, my-title.sty

ua-example.tex  An example dissertation generated from the University
                of Arizona Manual for Theses and Dissertations.

ua-example.dvi  Example output formatted with ua-thesis.cls
                and the draft option (from 'ua-example.tex')

my-example.dvi  Example output formatted with my-thesis.cls

The following software needs to be installed on the user's system:

LaTeX           version 2e, December 1994 or later
AMS-LaTeX       version 1.2, October 1996 or later
AMSFonts        version 2.0, January 1995 or later

Changes from release 1996/12/05:

                Fixed placement and fonts of captions in my-thesis.cls
                Fixed required release date of AMS macros

Send comments to:

Marcel Oliver

Changes added April 2005 by George Pearson:

- Fixed two typos in ua-classes.dtx where \gedf was used instead of \gdef.
  No other changes (including version number) were made.

- Updated this README file to change Marcel's email per his request (and
  added the comments about the April 2005 changes).