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This is the README for uowthesistitlepage.sty Version 2.0, 2014-01-07
This Package redefines the \maketitle command for LaTeX documents and generates a title page for a UOW thesis in accordance with the uow branding guidelines. Use this package with the book class to typeset your thesis (it will work with report though if you do so desire). The package also provides the \declaration command. This typesets the declaration (below) that this thesis/dissertation/report is your own work, required in the front of each PhD Thesis.

This package is not a complete thesis template or document class, it only typesets the title page and declaration. The default when the package is loaded is an undergraduate honours thesis.

Copyright (CC BY-NC-SA 3.0 AU) 2013 by T. M. Griffiths under the creative commons licence(attribution, non-comercial, share alike): This work may be distributed and/or modified under the conditions of the LaTeX Project Public License version 1.3c:

- setspace
- etoolbox
- graphicx 
- geometry


% Standard fields of \maketitle
    \title{A Pretty Swish Title}
    \author{Average J. Blow}
    \date{Month Year}
% The new fields from the \maketitle renewal (see code below).
    \degree{That Degree You've Been Studying} 
    % Write it in full: e.g. Bachelor of Science Honours
    \school{Your School} 
    % e.g Chemistry
    \supervisor[x]{Supervisor 1, Supervisor 2,... \& Supervisor x}
    % A list of your supervisors, can be turned off with the nosupervisor package option in the preamble or switched to multiple (more than one) with the package option multiplesupervisors
% And the optional field
    \cosupervisor[number of co-supervisors]{Co-supervisors 1, Co-supervisor 2,... \& Co-supervisor x}


% Your Thesis...


Wording of the Declaration (example option phd)



I, <Student’s Full Name>, declare that this thesis submitted in fulfilment of the requirements for the conferral of the degree Doctor of Philosophy, from the University of Wollongong, is wholly my own work unless otherwise referenced or acknowledged. This document has not been submitted for qualifications at any other academic institution.


<Student’s Full Name>
January 9, 2014


Default Margins for UOW theses.

The UOW default dimensions can be implemented with:
    \geometry{a4paper,inner=4.0cm, outer=2cm, top=3cm, bottom=2cm}               
Created by Thomas M. Griffiths (tmg994[at]uowmail[dot]edu[dot]au) 2014-01-07