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varsfromjobname.sty is based on code by supplied by Friedrich Vosberg and Markus Kohm,  help from Rolf Niepraschk, Sven Naumann, Ulrich Schwarz 
and Andreas Mathias was greatly appreciated. The package extracts variables from the name of the LaTeX file.

If the name of the file consists of tokens separated by hyphen, the package offers the following commands:  

\getfromjobname{<param>} with <param> in the range of 1 to 9, which calls one of the following commands then, also available:



a) Save your LaTeX-file under a name such as 2008-04-14-ziegenhagen.tex

b) Load the package by putting \usepackage{varsfromjobname} in the preamble of 
   your document  

c) Use the commands given above to address the specific parts of the filename.

d) Adressing a token which is not available gives an error, so make sure to request
   only those tokens that are actually available.

If you find this package useful, feel free to give me feedback: <>

Version History:

v0.5: Fixed a bug by inserting % at the right place. Thanks, Rolf.

Uwe Ziegenhagen, 2009-01-11