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Package: zwpagelayout   Version 1.4c                          13 Janyary 2013

This package was developed as a typographers toolbox offering the most 
important features for everyday work. First it allows setting the paper size 
as well as the page layout. The next important feature is the ability of 
printing crop marks both with TeX + dvips or (x)dvipdfm(x) and with pdfTeX. 
Finally it is possible to reflect pages both horizontally and vertically.
Partial PDF/X conformance is implemented and black overprint is enabled
in pdfTeX, dvips, as well as (x)dvipdfm(x) drivers, i.e in XeLaTeX.

Version 1.4c is a bug fix, the PDF boxes now properly work in the
(x)dvipdfm(x) family of drivers.

Version 1.4 implements black overprint for (x)dvipdfm(x) family of drivers,
i.e. it now works also with XeLaTeX.

The license of the package is LPPL.

Author: Z. Wagner,