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 ========================  physymb  ============================
 Created by David Zaslavsky <>


Instead of physymb you should use some or all of these packages:

* braket
* commath
* hepnames
* mandi
* physics
* siunitx

For more on what each of these packages provides, see the package's
documentation and/or the documentation of physymb.

This package contains four files:

* README: This file :)
* physymb.pdf: The PDF documentation, which details all the macros
   defined by the package.
* physymb.dtx: The documented source. Running pdflatex on this
   reproduces the PDF documentation.
* physymb.ins: The installer file. Running latex or pdflatex on
   this will generate the actual package file, physymb.sty.

To install the package, it should be enough to just copy physymb.sty
to the tex/latex/physymb/ directory (which you may need to create)
within your local TDS tree, which is typically $HOME/texmf/ on
a Linux system. The location varies on Windows. It's also recommended
to copy physymb.pdf into doc/latex/physymb/ under the TDS tree.

If you don't know what a TDS tree is, or want to have this explained
in more detail, see

physymb is licensed under the LaTeX Project Public License,
version 1.3 or later.