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1. Purpose of the package
2. Installation (Unix/Linux, Windows)
3. Recent sources and documentation
4. Developer information
5. Contact

1. Purpose of the package
This package contains the png2pdf program. This program converts PNG
images to PDF files. It can use the PNG alpha channel to mix against
a background (either from the PNG file's background chunk or user
specified) and/or to create an image mask or PDF alpha channel.

This software is released under a BSD-style license.
See the file bsdlic.txt for details.

2. Installation

2.1 Installation on Unix/Linux

2.1.1 Required libraries
The following libraries are required to install png2pdf:
- zlib    (required)
- bzip2   (recommended)
- libpng  (required)
- dklibs  (required)
Note: If you use package management software to install these libraries
make sure the developer support (C header files...) is installed too.
Some package managers use separated packages (xxx-dev) to provide
developer support for libraries.

2.1.2 Installation procedure
After unpacking the png2pdf source the usual
  make install
procedure should work.

2.2 Installation on Windows
Windows users are encourage to use the setup executables from in the
dklibs-win32 package. The *user*.exe file installs the programs
and the documentataion, the *dev*.exe file also installs the
sources for all the programs and all the libraries needed to
build the programs.

3. Recent sources and documentation
The project is hosted on SourceForge, see
for the most recent sources and documentation.

4. Developer Information

For each module you find 2 source files: *.ctr and *.c.
The *.c file is created from the *.ctr file by running tracecc.
If you want to apply changes to the source, do it in the *.ctr

5. Contact
You can contact me using the contact form on
our faculty's web server.
Please use "png2pdf bug" or "png2pdf suggestion" in the subject.

The bugtracking and feature mechanisms on the SourceForge
web site can also be used,
I check them approximately once per month.

Dirk Krause