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Arraymaker is a program designed to take some of the tedium out of 
constructing arrays, commutative diagrams and tables in (la)tex.
Latex arrays and xypic are constructed visually by entering
data into an array of blank boxes and adding arrows via the mouse.
The output can then be copied and  pasted into a latex file with
the help of  your favourite editor.

- Donu Arapura

Installation instructions.

0. Arraymaker is written tcl/tk, so you'll need to install
it (8.0 or better) if it isn't already. If you're using unix/linux,
it's most likely installed. Further information is available
for example at

1. Initially arramaker should be a text file. Then under

 Unix/linux + X: Make sure wish is on your path.
Make sure arraymaker is executable (chmod u+x arraymaker). That's it.
You can start it by typing arramaker in a terminal window.

 MacOS: Drop the arraymaker icon onto "Drag & Drop Tclets"
if present, and it should build a version of arraymaker that launches
whenever you double click on it. Or else you can start wish 
and "scource" it.

 Windows: Change arraymaker to arraymaker.tcl, and hopefully
you'll get a launchable version. Or else you can start wish and
"source" it. [Warning: Although I tried this once, I don't 
actually do windows, so ...]