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I. Installation

    I.1. System wide installation

    You need the root privileges to perform this installation

    Simply run 

      sudo make install

    This package follows the TDS[1] and installs:
        * the main program in $(prefix)
        * the TeX package chklref.sty in $(texmf_prefix)/tex/latex/chklref
        * the manual chklref.pdf in $(texmf_prefix)/doc/latex/chklref
        * the Perl parser chkparser in $(texmf_prefix)/scripts/chklref

    The following default values are used
        * prefix=/usr/local
        * texmf_prefix=$(prefix)/share/texmf

    These default values can be changed with the flags --prefix
    and --with-texmf-prefix passed to the configure script.

    Note: Do not forget to run "sudo texhash" to update your TeX Directory 

    Notes for installation under MacOS X:

    Under MacOS X, your tex distribution is probably not installed under
    /usr/share/texmf nor /usr/local/share/texmf. You are most likely using
    the TeXlive distribution provided by MacTeX which installs under
    /usr/local/texlive. Hence, you should invoke configure with


    I.2. Installation on a single account

    This installation does not require any particular privileges.

    We assume that the directory $HOME/bin is in your PATH, if not you have to
    add it your PATH. You can install the software on your account using

        ./configure --prefix=$HOME --with-texmf-prefix=$HOME/texmf
        make install

    Note: For the installation on a single account, there is no need to run

    Notes for installation under MacOS X:

    The directory $HOME/texmf may not exist because it is replaced by
    $HOME/Library/texmf instead. So, either use

        ./configure --prefix=$HOME --with-texmf-prefix=$HOME/Library/texmf

    or create a symbolic link

        ln -s $HOME/Library/texmf $HOME/texmf

2. Execution

  Just run: chklref texfile

  To run ckhlref, you need a Perl interpreter. As no special Perl
  packages are needed, a very basic Perl distribution should be ok.

[1] : TeX Directory Structure