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# $Revision: 2013-01-01 $
The program "structgen.jar" translates methods, written in Java,
in a Tex-File to build Nassi Shneidermann structure charts with struktex
written by Jobst Hoffmann.

It consists of eight files:
    LIESMICH                 - this file in a german version
    README                   - this file
    program/structgen.jar    - the program
    program/ - the settings of the program
    program/firstlines       - the first lines in the created Tex file     - the source   - the documentation in german language
    create-struktex.en.pdf   - the documentation in english language

For further information see the documentation.

At this moment the english documentation is very erroneous, I'm not an english 
native speaker.

Any hint as well as any proposal for further development are welcome at my

This material is subject to the LaTeX Project Public License. 
for the details of that license.