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			 Crossrefware Bundle
			     version 2.0

Scripts useful for working with and Zentralblatt MATH.       - add DOI numbers to papers in a given bib file       - add Zbl numbers to papers in a given bib file - a tool for creation of XML files for submitting to

The scripts use bibtexperllibs libraries from CTAN


1.  Move *.pl files to the binaries directory in your system.

2.  Use *.cfg files as configuration files samples.

3.  Move *.1 to the man pages directory in your system.


        Version 2.0:  Moved to BibTeX::Parser suite.
                      Now we use new Zbmath interface.
                      Now we use bibtexperllibs libraries

        Version 1.1:  workaround for a bug with macrons in TeX::Encode