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$Id: README 32701 2014-01-17 18:09:54Z karl $
This file is public domain.  (Originally written by Karl Berry, 2009.)

This is the README for the epstopdf script distribution.

Primary distribution point:
  (list of mirrors at:

Home page:

Run epstopdf --help for the usual list of options, examples, etc.

Mailing list for bugs and discussion:
When reporting bugs, please include an input file and command line
options, so the problem can be reproduced.

The test-binary and test-bin2 files were supplied by Akira Kakuto and
Reinhard Kotucha.  They contain binary data.  They are public domain.

The test-binhdr* files were supplied by Martin von Gagern, constructed
as follows.  They contain binary junk before the EPS starts.  We also
use these to test different line endings.  These files are public domain.

{ echo -e '%Some\000binary\001comment'; dot -Tps <<< 'digraph{a->b}'; }
  > test-binhdr-lf.eps
tr $'\n' $'\r' <test-binhdr-lf.eps >
unix2dos <test-binhdr-lf.eps >