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		      by Dr. med. Harald Stauss

FastPicTeX is a preprocessor for PiCTeX that takes very easy to write
macros and converts them to PiCTeX code that can be included in LaTeX
documents. FastPicTeX is specifically designed for diagrams of
numbered data material, such as line graphs, bar graphs, or xy
graphs. A detailed manual for FastPicTeX is included as PDF. Usage of
the program is very simple:

fastpictex file_in file_out

file_in:  macro file that contains the data and macros describing
          the chart. 
file_out: LaTeX file containing the PicTeX code for the chart. It can
          be included in a LaTeX document with the \input command.

To compile the program, simply change to the directory where you
extracted all the files from the archive. Then do the following:

cd fastpictex-x.x\src

That's all. Isn't it easy?

A binary for DOS/Windows is included.

If you find this program useful, please send me a picture postcard of
your home town. Otherwise, the GNU general public licence (GPL)

Have fun with FastPicTeX !

Harald M. Stauss, MD