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SHORT: makes flowcharts for the LaTeX picture environment

Flow 0.99g 2004-2-18

Summary : flow reads a simple flow chart description file and produces the
          corresponding LaTeX picture environment

Files in flow099g.tar.gz

         flow.c      - plain C code, should be portable
         flowdoc.tex - documentation in LaTeX
         README      - this file
	 COPYING     - GNU GPL license


flow.c uses tmpnam instead of mkstemp, gcc says this is bad, but I'm
not sure what the portability implications are when using mkstemp

flowdoc.tex is old style 2.09 LaTeX, but being vanilla LaTeX is works
fine in compatibility mode

Revision history

(99j is a Japanese packaging of 99c)

0.99g - command scanning overflow fixed, thanks Jean-Michel Rouet, 2009-10-30
0.99f - % comment command added by Joost Bruynooghe
0.99e - GPL'ed
0.99d - more bugs, clarity
0.99c - removed bug in Up,Down,Left,Right bounding
0.99b - unlink() -> remove() for ANSI C compatibility (whoops)
0.99  - writes an appropriate \begin{picture} command around the output
        (thanks to Brad Clements for the (obvious :-) suggestion)
0.98  - allowed for non-square Choice boxes
0.97  - removed non-ANSI strnicmp
0.96  - easier on VMS systems
0.95  - first release