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Pre-commit hook for LaTeX package developers

=== What it is ?
A pre-commit hook to check basic LaTeX syntax for developer of package.

==== How to install
Copy pre-commit in the .git/hooks file
Add execution right (chmod +x)
Enjoy !

====Checked files
    - .sty
    - .dtx
    - .bbx
    - .cbx
    - .lbx

====What are checked
Only for new line, these properties are checked:
    - All line must finish by a %, without space before.
    Empty line are allowed, but not line with blank space.
    - \begin{macro} and \end{macro} must be paired.
    - \begin{macrocode} and \end{macrocode} must be paired.
    - \begin{macro} must have a second argument.
    - 1 space must be printed between % and \begin{macro} of \end{macro}. % Must be the first line character.
    - 4 spaces must be printed between % and \begin{macrocode} or \end{macrocode}.
    - \cs argument must NOT start by an \

=== Licence and copyright
Maïeul Rouquette 2014-....
v 1.1.2
Licence GPl3

=== Help and github repository
Open an issue for any needs.