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	                      version 0.1
                      A set of PostScript utilities
    	                     Dov Grobgeld

impose+ is a set of postscript utilities. The main program of impose+
is impose which is used for two-up printing of DSC complient postscript.
This includes postscript from e.g. netscape, dvips, and FrameMaker. It
makes an effort to remove white space from the printout by probing the
original postscript for the bounding box of the printed area. This makes
the output much more esthetic than does a simplistic layout of non-cropped
original papers.

impose may also be used as a print filter, e.g. for automatically
printing two-up files from netscape.

The utilities are all written in perl and are released under the GNU
public licence as described in the file COPYING. They depend on the
installation of the psutils package by Angus J.C. Duggan.

Here is some additional descriptions of the different scripts in the

impose - A preprocessor to pstops by Angus J.C. Duggan, for creating
         2-up printouts. It uses bboxx to extract the bounding box
         of the original postscript file and creates the 2-up copy,
	 considering only the text body and the margin parameters
	 entered by the user. 
bboxx -  Extract the bounding box of a postscript file, with the
         option of entering the bounding box into the file.
fixtd -  Set tumble and duplex options for the printout.

psbl -   A preprocessor to impose and psbl for creating