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lacheck is a tool for finding common mistakes in LaTeX documents.  

It was originally written by Kresten Krab Thorup in 1991, with
modifications by Per Abrahmsen.  It is currently maintained as part of
TeX Live (

It is released under the GPL.



This CTAN source tree has been automatically extracted from the TeXLive
Subversion repository at svn://

It is not possible to use the supplied configure script.
In fact, if you call it; you will be told as such.

This source can only be compiled in a texk build environment.
You will need to download the whole environment, please refer to

It all boils down to a Subversion checkout of
This will be the source tree that you can use for compilation. The
CTAN directory is there for archival and informational purpose.

For your convenience, the original configure script from the source
tree is available in this directory as configure.texk.

For the CTAN team,

    Joachim Schrod <>