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This is M-Tx (Music-from-TeXt), version 0.62a (2016-05-06).

M-Tx is a preprocessor for PMX that facilitates inputting
lyrics. It builds the PMX input file based on a language
very similar to PMX. M-Tx includes most of PMX's
functionality, but it also permits in-line PMX commands to
give access to virtually all of PMX.

The author of M-Tx is Dirk Laurie (

To install (on TDS-compliant TeX systems):

 +  unzip tex-archive/install/ at the root of
    a texmf tree and, if necessary, update the filename
    database; e.g., texhash texmf. Documentation for M-Tx
    is installed under doc/generic/tmx. You must use an
    unzipping program that converts text files to the
    text-file format of your platform, such as "unzip -a ...
    " on Linux.

 +  *either* copy the executables appropriate for your
    platform (Windows/32bit, Windows/64bit, OSX) to a
    folder on the executable PATH and ensure it has execute

 +  *or* on any Unix-like system with gcc and standard
    development tools installed: unpack mtx-0.61.tar.gz
    (anywhere), move to the resulting mtx-0.61 directory,
    and do

       ./configure [--prefix=$HOME]
       make          (or make -f Makefile.orig if you have fpc installed)
       make install  (as root, if necessary)

Documentation for M-Tx is installed under 


Many examples of M-Tx and MusiXTeX typesetting may be found at the Werner
Icking Music Archive at

Support for users of MusiXTeX and related software may be obtained via
the MusiXTeX mail list at 

M-Tx may be freely copied, duplicated and used in
conformance to the MIT License; see included file LICENSE.

This CTAN distribution is maintained by Bob Tennent (
May 6th, 2016