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README for mkjobtexmf 2011/11/10 v0.8

Copyright 2007, 2008, 2011 by Heiko Oberdiek

The file is part of project mkjobtexmf.
It's free software; you may redistribute it and/or
modify it under the same terms as Perl itself
(Perl Artistic License/GNU General Public License, version 2).

* Perl

The source of the documentation is embedded as POD data
in the Perl script The documentation is
available in various formats:
* Manual page:
* PDF file:       mkjobtexmf.pdf
* HTML file:      mkjobtexmf.html
* Text file:      mkjobtexmf.txt
And program option --man displays the documentation on
the screen.

* Unix:
  GNU autoconf was used, thus you can try:
    make install
  It should install the script and manual page.
  The other documentation files can be installed manually.

* Manually:
  * Install the file as `mkjobtexmf' in a directory
    that is listed in environment variable `PATH', e.g.
  * Install the manual page as `mkjobtexmf.1'
    in the appropriate directory, e.g.:
  * mkjobtexmf.pdf, mkjobtexmf.html, mkjobtexmf.html, README:
    Install them where you find them, for example in directory:

The files and are just helper scripts for
generating the documentation and are provided for sake of completeness.
They are usually not needed, because the documentation files are
already generated and provided in the distribution.

See the documentation for further information.