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Call_rake4latex offers an easy-use interface to the rake4latex-gem.

rake4latex calls LaTeX as often as needed, including necessary makeindex and bibtex-calls.
rake4latex offers the possibilities of a make-tool.

rake4latex is available at

Call_rake4latex is available in two versions:

Ruby-script, needs Ruby, Rake and the rake4latex-gem.

Windows executable.
Usage: call_rake4latex.rb [options] filename
Call LaTeX as often as needed.

call_rake4latex testdocument.pdf
  Create testdocument.pdf via pdflatex
  Starts only if testdocument.tex is newer then testdocument.pdf.

call_rake4latex -e testdocument
  Touch 'testdocument.tex' (set the modification date)
  Create testdocument.pdf via pdflatex

Specific options:
    -e, --enforce                    Enforce an initial TeX-run
    -f, --format FORMAT              Set the format for TeX-run (pdflatex, xelatex, lualatex)
        --dep, --dependecies         Build dependecies (rakefile recommended)
    -i, --ignore, --ignore-error     Allow LaTeX errors
    -s, --statistic                  Show the statistic after TeX-run
    -o, --overview                   Create a log-overview file
    -c, --clean                      Clean after TeX-run (delete auxiliary files)
        --touch FILE                 Touch FILE
        --task TASK                  Define a rake-task
        --task_after TASK            Define a rake-task after the TeX-run
        --maxrun MAXRUN              Maximum MAXRUN TeX calls
    -l, --loglevel LEVEL             Log Level for the logger (1=debug, 2=info(default), 3=warn 4=error)
    -v, --version                    Version