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Scientific Author is a visual LaTeX editor designed as a front end for MiKTeX

Scientific Author is a Windows editor which is compatible with the following versions of Windows
- Windows 98 / Me / NT / 2000 / XP / Vista


Editing Features
- Visual editing
- Multiple level undo and redo
- Copy and paste
- Search and replace
- Content zooming
- Document structure navigator
- Grouping content structures

Typesetting Features

- Font formatting
- Subscript and superscript formatting
- Document classes
- Parts and chapters
- Sections, sub sections, and sub sub sections
- Paragraphs and sub paragraphs
- Bulleted, enumerated, description environments
- Quotation and verse environments
- Footnotes and margin note environment
- Abstract environment
- Theorem environments
- Inline and numbered mathematical equations
- Matrix editing
- Table and tabular editing
- Figure editing (support for JPEG, GIF, and EPS)
- Inclusion of caption to specific environments
- Labels and cross-references
- International character support
- LaTeX symbols and templates
- American Mathematical Society symbols
- Spell Checking
- American, Canadian, and Brittish English dictionary

Publishing Features

- LaTeX export
- LaTeX build
- PDFLaTeX build

Scientific Author is shareware, it is not free

It is available in 2 forms:
- Idividual license
- Site license

The Scientific Author software is fully functional for a 30 day evaluation period,
after which a license must be purchased for continued use.

For purchasing Scientific Author visit the website

Scientific Author is supported by its author.  Support is provided
via e-mail.  Most support queries are solved within 1 working day.
For support write an e-mail to, or
visit the web site and fill in an on line form at