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Name: The vc bundle
Version: v0.5
Author: Stephan Hennig
Last modified: 2008-04-21
License: Public Domain

The vc bundle
This is a script based approach to version control for TeX
documents.  It works more reliably than keyword substitution
based approaches, since it tracks all files in a working
copy, not only .tex files.

The vc bundle works with LaTeX and plain TeX.  Currently,
Bazaar, Git and Subversion are supported.

What's special about the vc bundle?
* Common version control packages for LaTeX use keyword
  substitution to access revision information.  That
  approach doesn't work reliably in the presence of
  non-.tex files, e.g., graphics or graphic sources that
  are processed by an external tool.
* The author is unaware of any alternative version control
  packages for plain TeX.
* The author is unaware of any alternative LaTeX version
  control packages that support Bazaar or Git.

Getting the software
The latest version of the vc bundle can be found at


Installation and Usage
Please see the manual vc-manual.pdf.

Happy TeXing!
Stephan Hennig