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TeXnicCenter is an integrated development environment (IDE) for developing
LaTeX-documents on windows (Windows 95, 98, 2000, NT 4.0).

TXC is distributed under the terms of the GNU General Public
License (GPL) and is therefore AVAILABLE FOR FREE including the source codes.

Here is a list of some features provided by TeXnicCenter:

- Project orientated integrated development environment for
- Definition of unlimited "output profiles" (i.e.
  "LaTeX => DVI", "LaTeX => PS", "LaTeX => PDF")
- Editor:
  - Syntax highlighting
  - Spell checking
  - Dynamic word wrapping (you don't need to scroll
  - Unlimited undo and redo
  - Bookmarks
  - "Go to last change"
  - Incremental search
  - Find, find and replace
  - Fully customizable
- Structure View:
  - Clear, document orientated tree view of the whole
    document structure
  - Displays headers, floating figures and floating tables
  - Supports file inclusion via \input and \include
  - Simple navigation by double clicking on an item
  - Simple referencing by inserting references with an
    item's context menu
  - Simple updating by saving one or all files
- LaTeX-support:
  - Simple insertion of LaTeX-constructs by menu or toolbar
  - Compilation of the project in the IDE -- simple jumping
    to errors, warnings and bad boxes.
- Support for document templates
- Full customizable menu and toolbars in modern and
  skinable look and feel (including Office 2000 and Office
  XP like skins).
- Support for English and German language

More details about TXC are available on our homepage

Happy TeXing...
Sven Wiegand <>