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% This file is part of CWEB.
% The CWEB programs by Silvio Levy are based on programs by D. E. Knuth.
% They are distributed WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY, express or implied.
% This README file last updated January 2016 by Don Knuth

% Copyright (C) 1987,1990,1993,2000,2016 Silvio Levy and Donald E. Knuth

% Permission is granted to make and distribute verbatim copies of this
% document provided that the copyright notice and this permission notice
% are preserved on all copies.

% Permission is granted to copy and distribute modified versions of this
% document under the conditions for verbatim copying, provided that the
% entire resulting derived work is given a different name and distributed
% under the terms of a permission notice identical to this one.

% Please send comments, suggestions, etc. to, and people
% there will verify and forward bug reports.
% DEK takes no responsibility for the changefiles; they should be
% maintained independently. His job is to correct errors in
% ctangle.w, cweave.w, prod.w, common.w, cwebmac.tex, cwebman.tex,
% and in the files of examples/*.w, nothing more.

This directory contains the following files:


The file cwebman.tex is the user manual.
The examples directory contains additional examples of the use of CWEB.
The files common.c and ctangle.c are used for bootstrapping.
The file cweb.1 is a manual page.
The file cweb.el is suggested for GNU-Emacs users.
The file c++lib.w is for C++ users (say `@i c++lib.w' at beginning of program).
The files * are used if you want to make the full 239-page CWEB manual.
The files * are used instead of * if you are doing BIG programs.
You can use to make CWEB with *
The files * are for QDOS/SMSQ systems; see readme.ql for further info.
The files * use __fastcall conventions on win32 systems.
The file is for Macintosh conventions.
The other files named *.ch are sample change files for local customization.

IMPORTANT: Please touch *.c before proceeding.
Then edit the opening lines of Makefile so that it has the proper
directory information for your local system.

To make ctangle and cweave say `make all'; this should produce roughly
the following actions (possibly with harmless warning messages from cc):

cc -g -w -c ctangle.c
cc -g -w -DCWEBINPUTS=\"/usr/local/lib/cweb\" -c common.c
cc -g -o ctangle ctangle.o common.o 
./ctangle cweave
cc -g -w -c cweave.c
cc -g -w -o cweave cweave.o common.o

To get some reassurance that things are OK, you can say `make cautiously',
which ensures that CTANGLE will reproduce itself. (Otherwise the source
files common.w and ctangle.w won't actually have been used.)

To install cweave and ctangle say `make install'. You probably need to
be superuser to do this; but it's wise to `make all' first, BEFORE
becoming superuser and saying `make install'.

Note that change files for VMS, AMIGA, MAC, and PCs are provided.  When you
are first bootstrapping to a new system, you may need to edit common.c and
ctangle.c by hand, but the vast majority of the change-file changes are
minor refinements that are not necessary for a rudimentary ctangle.

These archival sources are maintained only to the extent of fixing
significant bugs that were unintended at the time of writing.
A multi-decade ongoing project to improve and extend CWEB can be found at